Our equity investment philosophy is that a large-cap, value-driven approach to portfolio management yields competitive returns that grows capital over time with less volatility and less risk. We construct diversified portfolios invested in the securities of high-quality companies in an asset allocation that is aligned with each client’s risk tolerance and objectives.

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We begin with a top-down approach that seeks out companies that have a wide economic moat. The idea of an economic moat refers to how likely companies are to keep a competitor at bay for an extended period, thus leading to outsized returns on capital. Characteristics we identify include, but are not limited to, large network effects, valuable intangible assets, cost advantages, efficient scale, or high switching costs. These characteristics build the strength and sustainability of a firm’s competitive advantage. We then employ a bottom-up approach by assessing the long-term value of individual companies. We want to own durable, high-quality businesses that demonstrate the ability to grow future cash flows through any economic cycle. We primarily invest in stocks of larger companies that have relatively low price-to-earnings, price-to-book and/or price-to-sales multiples, or comparatively high dividend or cash flow yields, and which are attractively priced relative to our proprietary calculation of intrinsic value.

Our investment approach is one of a long-term mindset. We believe that compounding earnings growth, multiple expansion, and return of capital occur over years, not days. There is no shortcut to building lasting wealth. We acquire high-quality businesses at the right price with the intent of being an owner for the long term. This time-tested approach helps us avoid the emotional pitfalls of investing and puts our clients in a position to benefit from compounding returns over time.



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